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10 Easy Steps to Learning How to Crochet

The art of crochet has been around for thousands of years. People in earlier times who had means would purchase hand crocheted and knitted laces and fabrics for their opulent garments and dÈcor. Having these items showed others that you were a person of means and you led an opulent lifestyle. Over the years, through industrialization and mass production of...

8 Steps to Understanding Crochet Basics

To get started we can begin with crochet abbreviations to help you relate to the process. Crochet experts use the terms beg (Beginning) bet (Between), bk lp (Back loop) ch (chain), ch-(previous chain), cont (Continue), dc (double crochet), dec (decreasing), dtr (double/triple crochet), ft lp (Front loop), hdc (half-double crochet), inc (Increasing), lp (loops), and so on. Those who crochet...

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