10 Gorgeous Triangle Shawl Crochet Patterns (for Beginners and Experts)

Keep calm and crochet! We’ve got the best (and our very favourite) triangle shawl crochet patterns for beginners and experts in this post for you today! All of the crochet shawls we’re sharing here have been carefully selected by the experts at CrochetDivas.com to bring your a selection of beautiful shawls to help inspire your next project. We’ve done the hard part for you, by sourcing free crochet patterns. All you need to do now is sit back, relax, and find your gorgeous new shawl pattern below.

We have chosen to showcase patterns for different skill levels, so if you’re a beginner looking for an easy crochet shawl pattern, you have a lot of gorgeous options in our list below. If however you’re an experienced crocheter on the look out for a more challenging shawl design to try out, you will find that as well.

Read on to find the 10 best free triangle shawl crochet patterns. Follow the links below to download the free pattern and start crocheting today!

Get your crochet hook ready, because you’re in for a treat!

Top 10 Free Crochet Shawl Patterns 

1. Calm Shores by DROPS Design

Calm Shored by DROPS Design

Skill Level: Beginner
The Calm Shores shawl by DROPS Design is worked with beautiful lace patterns and stripes. This delicate, feminine crochet piece will be the talk of the town. DROPS Design has opted for a beachy, coastal colour palette. However, you can choose different colours of your liking. The Calm Shores shawl will also make a gorgeous gift for your friends or family.

2. Marion’s Garden by DROPS Design

Marlons Garden by DROPS Design

Skill Level: Beginner
Flower power! The Marlon’s Garden shawl pattern by DROPS Design is covered in delicate crocheted clovers. This shawl is made from a single colour, so choose wisely!. The stunning clovers make this shawl distinctive, unique, and fashionable. If you’re a lover of nature, this is the shawl for you! While it certainly looks intricate, this pattern is deceivingly easy to make. Beginner crocheters will breeze through this design! And remember, even if you’re an expert crocheter, it shouldn’t stop you from making shawls at a lower skill level. If you have fallen in love with this design (who would blame you?!) but you know it’ll be super easy, give it a go anyway! You don’t always have to challenge yourself…

3. Moon Migration by DROPS Design

Moons Migration by DROPS Design

Skill Level: Beginner
Moon Migration is a spectacular name for a spectacular design. The Moon Migration by DROPS Design makes a stunning, breathable lace shawl. The pattern makes a weblike, herringbone-esque design. A long spine of lace connects to others through vertical ribbons. The semi-transparent nature of this shawl means you can show off your outfit underneath. We recommend making it in a neutral tone that can be paired with everything. Your outfit underneath is going to pop! This is an extraordinary shawl you can easily make at home, by yourself!

4. Rosé Shawl by DROPS Design

Rose Shawl by DROPS Design

Skill Level: Beginner
Who doesn’t love a chilled glass of rosé? We sure do at CrochetDivas.com! The Rosé Shawl pattern by DROPS Design is inspired by the vibrant, romantic blush pink of a delicious rosé. The Rosé Shawl triangle scarf pattern is worked with a lovely lace pattern and bobbles. It will make a beautiful shawl for a formal occasion. If you’re feeling generous, the Rosé Shawl could make the perfect gift for your fashion-forward, wine-loving girlfriend.

5. Slice of Summer by DROPS Design

Slice of Summer by DROPS Design

Skill Level: Beginner
Stay warm during the cool summer evenings with this gorgeous Slice of Summer shawl by DROPS Design. It’s always difficult to find that perfect layer that keeps you cosy, but isn’t too heavy for the hotter months. Look no further than this lightweight, comfortable triangle shawl. It’s a perfect, easy pattern for beginners to experiment with. Make it in your favourite colours for a lovely personal touch. We think it would look amazing in vibrant yellow (as pictured) or a lovely sky blue. The Slice of Summer shawl will quickly become a closet staple. Download this free pattern and make the most of the summer sun!

6. Alma Triangle Shawl by Lion Brand

Alma Triangle Shawl by Lion Brand

Skill Level: Beginner
The Alma Triangle Shawl by Lion Brand is a quintessential crochet blanket! It’s made with interlocking squares in different colours. It’s an easy pattern that will make you fall in love with the art of crocheting! If you’re looking for a classic, timeless piece, this is the one for you! The Alma Triangle pattern can either be used to make a cosy shawl or a soft blanket. Whatever you’re using it for, make sure you pick colours that compliment each other! Otherwise, your shawl may turn out to be a bit of a disaster. We recommend picking different shades of the same colour for a toned down look. Or, you can choose three bold colours for a more playful shawl! The most important thing is choosing colours that work well together and suit your personality!

7. Lace Triangle Shawl by Lion Brand

Lace Triangle Shawl by Lion Brand

Skill Level: Beginner
The Lace Triangle Shawl by Lion Brand is an easy and simple pattern, making if the perfect project for beginners! It’s made with a light weight fine yarn in a solid block colour or in different coloured stripes, worked up using basic crochet stitches. The beauty of this shawl is that you can personalise this shawl with whatever colours you’re feeling inspired by. Lion Brand has used neutral greys, whites, and greens for their shawl. You could copy this, or add your own creative flair to it. We think that red, pink, yellow, and orange stripes would look amazing on this shawl.

Alternatively, you could do different shades of a single colour for a more subdued, effortless vibe. Or, you could even make the Lace Triangle Shawl in blue or pink as a gift for a newborn baby!

8. Crochet Wavy Wrap by Caron

Crochet Wavy Wrap by Caron

Skill Level: Intermediate
Wow, look at this shawl! The Crochet Wavy Wrap by Caron is a unique, textural crocheted shawl. The colourful, chunky yarn creates a dynamic, layered effect that is just absolutely gorgeous! This is highlighted by contrasting colours of thick yarn on each of the wavy segments. We recommend using Merino wool for this shawl. Merino is lighter and softer than normal sheep’s wool. This means it feels nicer on the skin than an itchier alternative! In fact, you could use merino wool for any of these designs! The triangle detailing on the Crochet Wavy Wrap makes this piece so distinctive. It’s also what makes it a little bit trickier than other patterns on this list. Only intermediate or expert crocheters should give this triangle shawl pattern a go. Unless of course, you’re a very brave beginner! Indeed, sometimes it’s best to learn through failure. However, you will need to be prepared to waste some merino yarn in the process!

9. Easy Crochet Triangle Shawl by Red Heart

Easy Crochet Triangle Shawl by Lion Brand

Skill Level: Beginner
The Easy Crochet Triangle Shawl pattern by Red Heart is a fantastic beginner pattern, ideal for newer crocheters. Improve your craft and practice basic crochet skills, while creating a beautiful shawl you can show off! Sounds like a win-win! This shawl also doubles as a gorgeous baby blanket.

Celebrate the life of a precious new baby with this free, easy crochet baby blanket pattern. A top tip from CrochetDivas.com – crochet patterns are often multi-use and multi-purpose. Feel free to be creative with how you use your shawl. Just because it’s a shawl pattern, it doesn’t mean it has to be used as such! Choose a light blue yarn for a baby boy or a luminous pink for a baby girl. This gift will definitely be treasured for life by the lucky baby!

10. Crochet Diamond Grid Triangle Shawl by Red Heart

Crochet Diamond Grid Triangle Shawl by Red Heart

Skill Level: Intermediate
The Crochet Diamond Grid Triangle Shawl by Red Heart is another intermediate design. This triangle shawl is a gorgeous cover-up that can be dressed up or down. Choose a timeless colour yarn to make this shawl, as you’ll want to wear it with everything! The written pattern is displayed in a deep navy shade, however, forest green or a light grey will look just as nice. The Crochet Diamond Grid Triangle Shawl is a gorgeous design that truly encapsulates the beauty of crocheting!

Bonus: Video Tutorial – How to Crochet the Easiest Granny Triangle Shawl by Claudetta Crochet

If you’re more of a visual learner and prefer watching someone actually work through crochet simple stitches to create these gorgeous triangle scarves, to then follow along and then do the same you’re in luck! Below we’re sharing our favourite free video tutorial; here expert crocheter Claudetta, from Claudetta Crochet, shows us how to use the granny stitch to create a beautiful crochet wrap you can show off to your friends, or even gift! This pattern uses basic stitches, so simply choose the color combination you would like to use, and start creating your next masterpiece. Make sure you subscribe to her channel here!

We hope you have enjoyed our top 10 triangle shawl patterns! Whether you’re looking for easy patterns to make a baby blanket for a friend, a light weight summer shawl, a chunky blanket, or a unique cover-up, we’ve got it all covered. We hope you’ve found a pattern that will inspire your next creation! Now it’s time to choose your pattern, pick a skein of yarn (or two!), find a colour palate, and start crocheting. Remember, all of these designs are free to download! There’s no harm in experimenting with a couple that takes your fancy! You’re not losing anything after all…

CrochetDivas.com is your one stop shop for all your crocheting needs. We love sharing easy crochet patterns to inspire you to create your first triangle shawl if this is something you have never created before. Visit us again whenever you need some inspiration or a little bit of creativity! We’re the experts in all things crochet. We have free patterns, videos, and tips for our crochet community. Make sure you save this site for future reference. Or, join the Crochet Divas social media community on our Facebook Page here, and also our Facebook group.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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