(Last Updated: 23rd October, 2017)

For our ‘Free Crochet Patterns’ post this month we’re back with some baby inspired patterns, so you can be sure these projects are super, duper cute and gorgeous!

Today we’re sharing over 25 patterns for baby booties. Before you dive into these, make sure you check out the free crochet patterns posts we shared with you in the past weeks. We kicked off this series of posts by sharing over 30 baby hat patterns, and that was followed by 27 beautiful baby blankets.

All the patterns we share in each of these posts are our very favourite! We research the web (so you don’t have to!) to bring you some of the best and most creative free crochet patterns around. Click on each of the links below to view the finished products of each project, and of course to download each individual pattern.

The baby booties patterns below make the perfect gift, are ideal for donating to charities, and of course would be extra special for your own little darlings.

Enjoy these patterns! Enjoy your crochet.

  1. Easy Baby Booties
  2. Everyday Set
  3. Granny Motif Crochet Booties
  4. Sugar Plum by DROPS Design
  5. Cowboy Booties
  6. Sweet Buttercup Socks by DROPS Design
  7. Candy Color Booties
  8. Posy Baby Booties
  9. Royal Prince Baby Booties
  10. Easy Booties Pattern
  11. Baby Ridges Baby Booties
  12. Baby Strap Flip-Flop Sandals
  13. Baby Bootie
  14. Cozy Baby Booties
  15. Baby Booties with Laces
  16. Cuffed Baby Booties
  17. Loopy Love Big Baby Booties
  18. Orange Pumpkin Booties/Flats
  19. Baby Bootie Sneakers
  20. Tasmanian Devil Booties
  21. Princesse Baby Booties
  22. Shell Baby Booties
  23. Lizard Monster Baby Booties
  24. Mary Jane Baby Booties
  25. Emma’s Baby Booties
  26. Strawberry Baby Booties
  27. Double Strap Baby Booties
  28. Summer Crochet Baby Booties
  29. Cheshire Cat – Baby Booties
  30. Ballerina Baby Booties
  31. Crocodile Stitch Baby Booties
  32. Fiona’s Baby Booties
  33. Duckling Baby Booties
  34. Baby T-Strap Booties
  35. Owl Baby Booties
  36. Cotton Candy Booties



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