25+ Precious Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns (Free Downloads & Tutorials)

Crocheting is a popular craft nowadays, probably because you can stitch together an endless number of creations. These 25+ free crochet baby blanket patterns are the perfect gift for anyone expecting soon or even for your own cherub. These patterns also make the perfect baby shower gift. Find a pattern that inspired you from the fabulous and great choice of patterns curated for you below.

So, if you are looking to crochet a gorgeous baby blanket and are unsure which pattern to use, go through this list for free blanket patterns. By the end, you can rest assured that you will have the great pattern you have been looking for!

We have selected various patterns ideas for every skill level, from easy blanket patterns for beginners, to more advanced for those of you who are more experienced. All of the patterns chosen below will help you create a beautiful blanket to make adorable baby gifts, or to keep for your own little bundle of joy.

So, let’s dig in, fellow crochet creatives.

Free Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns:

1. One Skein Baby Blanket by Caron

One Skein Baby Blanket

This lovely baby blanket is a flexible choice as you can create a blanket for a baby boy or a baby girl, plus the blanket is machine washable! Make sure, however, that you use low heat if you want to dry the blanket with a dryer. The skill level is beginner, so it is an easy baby blanket pattern to follow.

2. Teppekos by DROPS Design

Teppekos Baby Blanket

This design uses chunky yarn and incorporates two different colors, so you can let your creative flare ooze out by choosing your favorite two colors. But, of course, you could also create various color schemes!

3. Hexagon Motifs Blanket by Bernat

Hexagon Motifs Baby Blanket

If you want to create something more colorful and lively, this pattern is just that! With the skill level being straightforward, you won’t need to worry about adding intricate and complex designs. This easy crochet baby blanket pattern will be a beautiful addition to any nursery.

4. Bunny Hop Blanket by Premier Yarns

Bunny Hop Blanket

This kaleidoscopic pattern requires six different colors and is the perfect gift for anyone who thrives off colorful items. The yarn needed for this pattern is textured, making for a cozy and soft baby blanket.

5. Misty Vines Baby Blanket by Bernat

Misty Vines Baby Blanket

Now, if you’re looking for a bit of a challenger, this is the perfect project. The skill level is intermediate and incorporates a vine-like pattern, hence the name. This free crochet baby blanket pattern will dazzle any newborn’s nursery.

6. Rosy Ripple Afghan by Lion Brand

Rosy Ripple Afghan

This free crochet pattern is at an easy skill level, meaning all beginner crocheters will execute the task flawlessly. In addition, the design uses six different colors, so you will be able to mix and match to your heart’s content.

7. Cascading Ripples Blanket by Bernat

Cascading Ripples Blanket

It may look daunting, but this is an easy free pattern that is ideal for beginner crocheters. It encompasses three colors and is the perfect gift for any baby girl or boy. You will definitely feel accomplished after finishing this easy crochet baby blanket pattern.

8. Granny Accent Blanket by Premier Yarns

Granny Accent Blanket

This pattern uses lovely unicorn-colored yarn, and the result looks magical! If you know how to work in rounds and how to seam pieces together, you will be a perfect fit for this project.

9. Textured Grid Baby Blanket by Bernat

Textured Grid Baby Blanket

This free crochet baby blanket pattern is simple yet effective at a skill level of ease. Any newborn would love the soft feel of this blanket.

10. Daisy Meadow by DROPS Design

Daisy Meadow Baby Blanet

This lacy design is for those crocheters who fancy a bit of a challenge. The pattern incorporates an intricately woven design that would be appreciated by any mummy soon expecting.

11. Little Dots Crochet Blanket by Bernat

Little Dots Crochet Baby Blanket

Another easy pattern, this Little Dots is perfect for any beginner crocheter! You can recreate this beautiful baby blanket using three of your favorite colors.

12. Pastel Dreams by DROPS Design

Pastel Dreams Blanket

This baby blanket pattern will keep you busy. It is a simple yet slightly complex design, which uses six colors to make up the finishing piece. It truly is a pastel dream.

13. Crochet Baby Blanket by Bernat

Crochet Baby Blanket by Bernat

This design uses chunky yarn and is sure to make a soft baby blanket for any baby boy or girl. It is an easy crochet baby blanket pattern, and you will be able to gift it with a lot of love and joy for the newborn cherub.

14. Parker Baby Blankie by Lion Brand

Parker Baby Blankie

Another bulky design, this blankie is at an easy skill level. With the use of chunky yarn, any newborn baby will feel cozy.

15. Filet Crochet Bunny Blanket O’Go by Red Heart

Filet Crochet Bunny Blanket

This cute design is at an easy level, ensuring that beginner crocheters feel at ease. It is an original bunny blanket design and is the perfect gift for any soon-to-be-born baby.

16. Cuddle Time by DROPS Design

Cuddle Time by DROPS Design

We can all agree that granny squares are timeless and can be incorporated into various crochet designs. This is another design that uses granny squares, six different colors, and your creative flare to assemble a Cuddle Time baby blanket.

17. Harlequin Baby Blanket by Bernat

Harlequin Baby Blanket

This lush design would be a beautiful addition to any baby boy or baby girl nursery. It is at an easy skill level and incorporates gorgeous patterns. Any newborn would enjoy this baby blanket.

18. First Year by DROPS Design

First Year Baby Blanket

This First Year baby blanket design is perfect for cocooning your newborn baby. It is textured and chunky and can be crocheted in any color.

19. Classic Lacy Baby Blanket by Bernat

Classic Lacy Baby Blanket

This crochet blanket is an openwork design and has a lacy effect. Your newborn will look like an angel wrapped in this soft blanket.

20. Big Dreams by DROPS Design

Big Dreams Baby Blanket

For this free crochet baby blanket pattern, you will use your crochet hook to create puff stitches. By doing so, your baby blanket will turn out soft and cozy.

21. Love My Bunny Blanket by Red Heart

Luv My Bunny Blanket

Any new baby would love this design, and you will be left feeling fulfilled after creating it. It is also at an easy skill level and comprises nine large patches woven together.

22. Baby Snug by DROPS Design

Baby Snug Baby Blanket

If you have a lot of yarn left over and it is enough to crochet this pattern, this is the design for you. It uses five different colors, and the result is a beautiful wave-like design that can be used as the perfect gift for any baby boy or baby girl.

23. Cora Chevron Blanket by Lion Brand

Cora Chevron Baby Blanket

If you choose the right three different colors, you will be able to crochet a striking and vibrant baby blanket. So add some color to your newborn’s nursery, or add some color to someone else’s.

24. Starry Sky Crochet Blanket by Bernat

Starry Sky Crochet Blanket

This design is at an intermediate skill level and will have you crocheting dazzling stars for the new baby! But, again, this can be the perfect gift for any baby boy or girl.

25. Springville Circle Baby Afghan

Springville Circle Baby Afghan

This gorgeous design is at a skill level of easy and uses lightweight yarn to create a soft blanket. Use your favorite colors, and inspire those around you to start creating.

26. Granny Rectangle Baby Blanket by Bernat

Granny Rectangle Baby Blanket

You can crochet this unique baby blanket by collating a bunch of granny clusters. It is at a skill level of intermediate and will surely leave those around you in awe. Crochet this free crochet baby blanket pattern for any new baby.

27. Hayden Color Block Baby Blanket by Toni Lipsey

Hayden Color Block Baby Blanket

Using two colors, you can recreate this eye-catcher of a baby blanket. The texture is soft and is at an easy skill level.

28. Sweetheart Baby Afghan by Cascade Yarns

Sweetheart Baby Afghan

Spread some love with this cute baby blanket design. This is perfect for you if you are at an intermediate skill level. The design incorporates tiny hearts to remind any newborn how cherished they are.

29. Daisy Fields Blanket by Cascade Yarns

Daisy Fields Baby Blanket

Let’s face it, Daisies will never be out of fashion. So sprinkle some daisy love around by creating this gorgeous baby blanket. It is at an intermediate skill level and will look fitting in any baby nursery.

30. Ariel’s Baby Blanket by Cascade Yarns

Ariels Baby Blanket

This is an easy crochet baby blanket pattern and is the perfect gift. All you need is yourself, your crochet hook, and one color of your choice.

31. Nautilis Baby Blanket by Cascade Yarns

Nautilus Baby Blanket

And last but not least, with this easy crochet baby blanket pattern, you can create a heavenly and soft space for any newborn to sleep in. It is a colorful design and will be greatly appreciated any new mum.

Crochet Baby Blanket Video Tutorials

If you prefer watching a tutorial on video to create your next simple baby blanket, you’re in luck because we have included before our very favourite free tutorials, which you can watch to help guide you.

1. The Barclay Baby Blanket

If you’re a beginner, this video tutorial is truly perfect for you. Created and prepared by Maisie and Ruth, this is a very simply but beautiful blanket, that is worked up in a ripple stitch, consisting of a 1 row repeat.  Definitely easy, and also quick to crochet up, so if you’re pressed with time, this is perfect. The free crochet blanket pattern needed to created this, is also provided and can be downloaded here.

2. Fast and Easy Simple Blanket

This is another beautiful project, that uses basic crochet stitches to make a lovely square blanket in no time! In fact, the creator Bella Coco Crochet says, this baby blanket can be ready in just 3 hours! The free pattern is provided here.

It is safe to say that baby blankets are a necessity. Here you have 31 different free crochet baby blanket patterns to choose from. They are the perfect gift; you can use all your favorite colors to create any crochet baby blanket. Surprise any expecting mummy with any one of these handmade crochet baby blankets! Or, create the perfect crochet blanket for your newborn and keep them snug and warm while they drift off to sleep.

Either way, you will find yourself getting lost in the world of crochet with these beautiful baby blankets designs.

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