30+ Men’s Beanie Crochet Patterns You Will Love

Looking for men’s beanie crochet patterns to help you create your next masterpiece? Then you’re in luck! Read on below…

Today we’re presenting you with a great and comprehensive (30+) list for free crochet hat patterns for men’s beanies. A beanie is the perfect accessory for the cold months ahead, and is a lovely item to crochet, even if you’re just a beginner! In fact, our list include a variety of skill levels; from beginner to intermediate and advanced. So no matter your skill level, you’ll find the perfect men’s hat to crochet in our list today.

From classic crochet beanie patterns, to ones with a slouchy look, our list includes a large enough selection to find your favorite pick.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into our list of patterns.

Tip: to download each pattern simply click on the title of the pattern, or the image!

Our Favourite Free Men’s Crochet Beanie Pattern List

1. Beginner Beanie by Caron

Beginner Beanie by Caron

This first crochet pattern we’re presenting is a perfect hat design to begin crocheting as cold weather inevitably approaches, and it’s one of the easiest hat we have on the list, simple enough that even people just starting out in crochet will have no problem with the stitches. But even those who are more experienced will be satisfied with the result. So anyone can enjoy this pattern, no matter their skill level. 

2. Daniel by DROPS Design

Daniel by DROPS Design

This charming man’s hat pattern will keep your man’s head warm, and look good while doing it. This free crochet pattern will teach you how to make a striped men’s beanie complete with a brim around the edge for a little extra style. The completed project would make a great gift for a man in your life, or alternatively it could be a perfect donation!

3. Toboggan Hat by Lion Brand

Toboggan Hat by Lion Brand

This pattern is of a gorgeous toboggan hat, but due to the nature of the shape of this one, it’s probably best if you’re at least intermediately skilled in crochet. The yarn used in this project is quite bulky so the hat will end up being quite warm, and it will have a nice chunky look as well.

4. Slouchy Striped Hat by Lion Brand

Slouchy Striped Hat by Lion Brand

If slouchy beanies if what you’re after, then this is the perfect pick for you! This hat design is equally as warm as it is stylish, featuring a slouchy shape that is extremely popular nowadays. Because of that trendy shape though, it is classed as an intermediate pattern so keep that in mind as you work on it! The result is well worth the slight increase in difficulty though.

5. Dad & Son Camo Hats by Red Heart

Dad & Son Camo Hats by Red Heart

This pattern is an adorable idea for father and son to have matching beanies! The hats will both be camo print with a string a beautiful orange wrapped around to create some dimension. This is a really easy crochet pattern that beginners will have no trouble understanding.

6. Marshall by DROPS Design

Marshall by DROPS Design

This sleek men’s classic beanie beanie pattern, is suggested to be made in a gray, but you can easily substitute this color with the intended recipient’s favorite color to make it more custom to them. Another easy crochet hat pattern on our list, nothing is overly complicated about this design, so it’s suitable for most skill levels.

7. Aaron’s Hat Trick by Lion Brand

Aaron's Hat Trick by Lion Brand

This free pattern is great for beginners who don’t want to just stick to the classic beanie shape. It has more of a toboggan look to it, and yet the stitches are simple enough that people in all skill levels can complete the project. It features sections with solid colors but there are some stripes included to provide contrast.

8. Retro Stripes Hat by Red Heart

Retro Striped by Red Heart

This men’s hat pattern was designed to be slightly retro. The stripes on this beanie are decidedly nostalgic, and better yet, you won’t have a difficult time creating them because this design is beginner friendly. Older men, and younger alike, will love this handmade gift.

9. Greenpoint Grunge Cap by Lion Heart

Grunge Greenpoint Cap by Lion Brand

This beanie design is a little on the complicated side because of the striping pattern, so it’s recommended for intermediate skill levels. But the colors are bright and can be replaced with custom colors of your choice for more customization. Whoever you decide to give this beanie to will surely appreciate the warmth and fun design.

10. Dover by DROPS Design

Dover by DROPS Design

This free pattern includes not only a stunning and modern beanie design, but also a matching neck warmer that will make sure the man wearing the pieces stays cozy. It would make a great wintertime gift to give to your dad, husband, brother, or any other special man in your life.

11. Feldberg by Schachenmayr

Feldberg by Schachenmayr

This men’s crochet hat pattern is great for all skill levels because the stitches used are the classic double stitch, this also means that it won’t take you long to complete this beanie. There are three colors at play in this design, so you can choose to make it colorful or go with simpler neutral colors depending on the preference of who it’s going to.

12. X Border Hat by Red Heart

X-Border Hat by Red Heart

This hat design probably isn’t the best for beginners, but those who feel they are at a skill level of intermediate should have no problem completing this fun project! At the end you’ll have a great looking men’s beanie that is complete with an X-pattern border which gives the hat a fun look.

13. Carmel by DROPS Design

Carmel by DROPS Design

This completed project will not only succeed in keeping your warm, but it will also provide you with a stylish homemade beanie made just for them! The men in your life will adore this easy to make hat, it’s mostly designed in a solid color but there are two stripes of different widths to add some depth to the look.

14. Ayer’s Rock by Schachenmayr

Ayer's Rock by Schachenmayr

This free crochet pattern is mostly reliant on half-double stitches in three different shades of similar colors. It’s easy enough for beginners to understand, so you should have no trouble in completing it and coming out with a longer-wearing style of beanie that any man in your life would love.

15. Perfectly Simple Crochet Hat by Lion Brand

Prefectly SImple Crochet Hat by Lion Brand

This pattern’s name has “simple” in it but although the design itself is fairly simple, it’s best suited for intermediate skill levels. That being said, anyone will be thrilled with the result of successfully completing this crochet pattern. It’s bulky, warm, and if done in the right colors, could be someone’s favorite beanie this winter.

16. Havemeyer Helmet Pattern by Lion Brand

Havemeyer Helmet by Lion Brand

This design should probably be executed by people of an intermediate skill level because it’s a rather complex shape. But if you can pull off completing this pattern then you’ll be rewarded by a beautiful beanie which is shaped a bit like a helmet, and features a fun striped design with ridges and a ball at the very top.

17. Aviator Earflap Cap by Lion Brand

Aviator Earflap Cap by Lion Brand

This crochet pattern will detail how to create a beanie in a mock aviator cap style, but because of the unique style it is recommended for those with an intermediate skill level. If you do decide to choose this cool design then look forward to all the compliments you’ll receive by creating such a fun hat.

18. All About Stripes Hat by Cascade Yarns

All About Stripes - Cascade Yarns

This beanie can be created by beginners and experienced crocheters alike, so you don’t have to worry about skill level. The design is based around the fun stripes that form the statement of the hat. You can choose some different colors to mix things up as well, and make the piece one of a kind.

19. Blue Ridge Crochet Cap by Premier Yarns

Blue Ridge Crochet Cap by Premier Yarns

This hat will look professionally made when it’s finished, the well-made pattern makes sure of that. It features a lot of dimension because of the way the colors play off each other, and there’s a thick rim around the edge that is not only stylish but is guaranteed to keep the recipient’s head warm. It is best for people of an intermediate skill level.

20. Fired Up! Slouchy Beanie by Red Heart

Fired Up Slouchy Hat by Red Heart

This beanie was designed with sports in mind. The slouchy shape is meant to be accented with the colors of your favorite sports team as you cheer them on to the win! It’s a highly customizable idea, and the pattern is beginner friendly. So no matter what your skill level, or which team you root for, everyone can enjoy this hat.

21. Mount Tyree by Schachenmayr

Mount Tyree by Schachenmayr

This pattern will teach you how to create a beanie which can be worn many times without damage, this is a very durable hat and whoever you give it to will see a lot of use out of it. Three different shades of color are involved to create this beautiful piece, and beginners will find the rounds of single crochet easy to complete.

22. Cool Stripes Beanie by Red Heart

Cool Stripes Beanie by Red Heart

This is a simple unisex hat pattern that all skill levels can enjoy but nobody will be able to tell that you aren’t a professional due to the clever design! There are different sizes and colors of stripes to create a really cute beanie that anyone will enjoy adding to their collection for this winter.

23. Juniper Ribbed Beanie by Premier Yarns

Juniper Ribbed Beanie by Premier Yarns

This design is probably easiest to carry out if you have an intermediate or higher skill level since it requires you to know several stitches. But once it’s done, you won’t regret making this stylish beanie. It’s of a ribbed style and also a rim around the edge for a little extra pizzazz.

24. Tweed Ribbed Beanie by Premier Yarns

Tweed Ribbed Beanie by Premier Yarns

This pattern is very similar to the previous one, it has the same ribbed style and a similar rim around the edge. It’s also suitable for the same skill levels. But the difference is that this beanie should be made out of tweed which gives it a whole different feel. This hat is perfect for people who are fans of the material.

25. Head Hugger Cap by Red Heart

Head Hugger Cap by Red Heart

This design is extremely simple but stylish nonetheless. Even beginners can easily crochet this camo-print beanie, and very quickly too. This is the perfect project for you if you don’t like to spend too long on one item, and any man will appreciate this snugly fitting cap.

26. Beginner Crochet Striped Hat by Red Heart

Beginner Crochet Striped Hat by Red Heart

This easy pattern would make for the perfect beginner’s project, giving you a good chance to try out basic crochet stitches. And it will look really cute as well, complete with some small stripes. Make sure to choose different colors of yarn that you or the person you’re giving it to will enjoy.

Other Men’s Beanie Crochet Patterns (Paid For)

We’re just going to throw a few other patterns in here, just in case you’d like to check out some different beanies. These aren’t free though!

27. On The Grid Beanie by Benjamin Matthews
This is a gorgeous crochet pattern that takes advantage of simple knits and purls to create a beautifully modern design. It’s best for those with an intermediate skill level, but if that fits you then this project shouldn’t take too long to complete.

28. Salts Of The Earth Beanie by Cheryl of Crochet 365 Knit Too
This pattern for men’s beanies is simple to follow, and beginners won’t have an issue with it. It’s a simple but effective design, and leans heavily on minimalist styles. Any man in your life will enjoy this hat immensely as the weather gets colder.

29. Little Boxes Beanie by Benjamin Matthews
This men’s beanie crochet pattern is meant to be made in a solid color, but that’s only because the design itself can have a chance to stand out. The small box pattern will make for a great wintertime fashion statement. This project is best for intermediate skill levels.

30. Below 60 Beanie by Benjamin Matthews
This is actually a knit pattern, but it’s really simple and you should have no issue picking it up. The design is really cute, and it even has a pompom at the top. The thickness of the yarn is sure to keep anyone’s head warm come the colder weather.

31. Jonathan Beanie by Suzanne of Shappy Sheep Apparel
This pattern has turned out to be a tried and true project for beginners, you can typically complete it within a day or two. It’s a simple design with a simple stitch, so you’ll enjoy making it and the wearer will enjoy wearing it.

32. Easy Winter Beanie by Kirsten Holloway Design
This beanie pattern is the perfect one to end on, it’s best for intermediate skill levels but the result is stunning. The rims around it give it some great dimension and the finished product is both warm and fashionable.

Free Video Tutorial: How to Knit a Men’s Crochet Beanie

If you prefer watching someone actually crochet up a written pattern to finished products, then we have just the right thing for you! Below we have pick, what we think, if one of the best free crochet tutorials available online, that shows you how to crochet a simple hat yet a great looking one nonetheless! This is a video create by Katie from Omni Crochet, where we explains in details how she created this easy mens crochet hat pattern. I encourage you to check out and subscribe to her YouTube channel for more tutorials that will help you improve your crochet skills.

So there you have it, our 30+ strong list of crochet hat patterns for the bots – now all you have to do is grab your crochet hook, yarn, pick a great pattern, and get started on your next project!

Until next time, Happy Crocheting!

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